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Thomas Huster

Creating meaningful experiences with technology

My Past

From my early years I was fascinated by technology, I even swallowed a battery once. When I got a little older I fell in love with the tactile interaction of the NES and SNES. Highschool was not my greatest succes story but I had a great time growing up.

The Present

Currently I received my bachelor of science (Communication and Multimedia Design) at Avans Hogeschool. I'm looking for a job where i can grow and learn. In my free time I love to fool around with all kinds of electronics, I love fpv quad racing. From time to time I do web based coding projects, but I prefer offscreen projects.

Our Future

I hope to see a future in which I can realise many more projects. Projects where I use state of the art technologies to create meaningful experiences for people in their daily life. I also want to do my part in creating a world where art and technology are more connected.