BIN Breda

Project Info:

Today garbage is a big problem. This interactive container is made to help solve this problem. Our target was to reward people who threw away their garbage with a colorful dance of water and light. Inspired by the wonders of nature. We made an abstract plant that standed out so people were reminded of their duty to throw away their garbage

This project was powered by the municipality of my home town Breda. Me and a couple of friends volunteerd to design and realise this wonderful machine. My responsibilty was to lead the project and design the electronics and code. Check out this video we made:

  • Created by: Ruben Hagenaar, Thomas Huster, Bas Moerenhout, Quint Thoolen
  • Completed on: 10th Juli 2014
  • Skills: Electronics / Design / Arduino / Coding: C
  • Client: Gemeente Breda