Virtual Shadow

Project Info:

Virtual Shadow is an installation that is inspired by shadow art. It involves a transformation between an object and a shadow. At first the shadow is unrecognizable but as the show progresses you will find a suttle change in the object and the shadow. The object starts transforming and with the help of sensors and motors, an exciting transformation will take place. When the transformation is complete the object tricks sensors in thinking it's a real person. An interesting relationship between the real and the virtual is visible.

This project was a collaboration between Ingredient Media and Thijs Eerens for STRP. Me and a few other students helped Thijs with the electronics, programming and the design of the installation. I was resposible for the electronics, motors and coding. Check out this sweet video we made:

  • Created by: Thijs Eerens
  • Completed on: 15th March 2015
  • Skills: Electronics / MAXMSP / C/C++ / Welding
  • Client: STRP